My name is Mrs. Sally Muldrow, 53 years old, a UK citizen but live in
Accra Ghana, i got your contact from web and i decided to contact you
for a good wish. i believe contacting you will not be an ordinary
coincidence because God can use any body known or unknown to
accomplish great things which he has ordained.

i was hospitalize after i had a car accident with my family, i lost my
husband and my two
daughters who were also on board in the accident. after the accident,
i have been battling with some health problems from the major injuries
that i sustained in the cause of the accident.

Recently, my doctor told me that i have some few months to live due
the cancer surgery that was conducted and due to the injuries that i
sustained and damaged of my spinal cord in the accident. because of my
present condition i decided to will/donate (five million seven hundred
thousand dollars) to charity homes,disable people,  i want to do this
good work through you and i hope you will not disappoint me. remember,
i am making this contact based on trust and confidence, irrespective
of the fact that we have not met before.

I am the only surviving person and nobody else that will inherit this
money because they are all dead. i don't want a situation whereby this
funds will be confiscated and declared un serviced by the officials of
the bank where it was deposited by my late husband who used to work
with shell oil  company as an engineer before his sudden death. all i
want you to do now is to assist in safe-keeping of this funds. i seek
your consent to present you as  next of kin to my late husband's
inheritance, so that they can release this funds to your personal
account. please if you are interested in carrying out this
transaction, i want you to contact me immediately so that i can
arrange all the vital documents to effect the release of the funds to

I believe you will act sincerely. i have also decided that 10% of this
funds should be taken by you from the total amount upon the release of
this funds to your account, because i am now too weak to do things
myself  and because of my present health condition the bank asked me
to provide an account where they can transfer this fund, i will
appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task
is accomplished, as i don't want anything that will Jeopardize my last

Get back to me with.
1 Your full name and a valid id
2 home address and mobile number
3 age and occupation

I will instruct my family lawyer to prepare all the legal documents to
effect the release of this funds to your  bank account. i'm waiting
for your urgent answer.
Mrs. Sally Muldrow

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