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This Weeks Features

Coronavirus Lockdown: Maintaining a Healthy and Productive Workforce

As UK gets used to being in lockdown and more people than ever before are discovering how to work from home, attention is shifting to how we maintain the health and wellbeing of our army of new homeworkers. Jonathan Berry, European Practice Director at leading international change management consultancy Expressworks, offers these expert tips.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Pushes Logistic Automation up the Agenda

Last week Amazon announced that it planned on hiring 100,000 extra workers to meet the rise in demand for online shopping created by Coronavirus-caused shutdowns and social distancing. On 19 March 2020, unions said workers were demanding that Amazon takes their lives seriously.The night before a facility in Queens, NY

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Prepare now to Sustainably Deliver the COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 virus shows all indications of disrupting every individual’s life habits. While social isolation has largely been voluntary so far, fear of the disease is coercing some to ostracise others who may show related symptoms. The helplessness factor has also initiated a blame-game of sorts

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COVID 19 Crisis: 4 Keys to Effective Supply Chain Management

The fast-paced spread and the highly contagious nature of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, has brought the global civilisation to a massive lockdown. What began with the shutting down of China – the global hub for the manufacturing, has spread to the near-total lockdown of major European countries,

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Forecast Earnings show light at end of tunnel

COVID 19 Crisis: 4 Keys to Effective Supply Chain Management

World’s Largest Krill Trawler to be designed by Wärtsilä

Delivery of modern dry bulk vessel with long- term charter

Beacon appoints Brenton Booth as Head of Supply Chain Finance

Port of Los Angeles Moving Cargo, Calls for Medical Supplies

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